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Kiosk Designs

ATAM.COM offer a range of proven Kiosk designs to meet all market sectors and environments. In addition to our standard range of Kiosks, ATAM.COM offer a bespoke design capability to develop and manufacture specialised kiosks for tailored applications.

All our Kiosk designs have the standard options / features available:

  • Single or Multiple payment partners
  • High Security enclosures with internal safes
  • Best-in-class proven peripherals
  • Kiosks manufactured in USA and Europe
  • Multilingual touch screen interface with up to 16 languages
  • HD Audio also in selected language
  • Cash and Credit /Debit Cards– chip & pin ready
  • Card Reader / PIN Pad fully EMV compliant
  • NFC / Contactless functionality
  • Dedicated connection to redundant servers
  • All hardware further backed by Disaster Recovery Centre
  • All Application and Hosting environment fully PCI DSS compliant
  • Continuous Kiosk Monitoring and Fault Reporting


Kiosk Designs