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Privacy Policy

Your Privacy matters to us, and we are committed to protecting your data and documents, this document which we update from time to time, describes what ATAM ID does with your personal information. It also tells you how to contact us if you have any questions.

At ATAM ID, we provide ID and document storage and verification and ancillary products and mobile Apps and through other online platforms such as partner and affiliate websites and Apps. This policy applies to all these platforms.

ATAM ID Data, Documents, and Biometrics Information stored on YOUR Phone or Device

Your documents, images of the documents and the data, including data read from RFID chips imbedded in some of the documents is double encrypted and stored on your Device, we accept a lot of different types of ID's from 100's of countries, including, Passport/s, Driving Licence/s, Residency ID Cards, Citizenship ID Cards, National ID Cards, Passport Visa's, State ID Cards, Social Security Cards, Tribal ID Cards, Voters Registration Cards, Military ID Cards, School or Work ID Cards, Birth Certificates, Shotgun or Fire Arms licences or Certificates and many more types of documents.

Other data or documents stored and double encrypted includes, Your Address/s, Utility Bills for Gas, Water, Electric, and/or Rental Agreement, Household Rates, Council Tax Bill, Bank Statements and many more, Your Mother's Maiden Name, Your Previous Surname Name (If different from ID Name), Residential Status, Employment Details including Salary Information, Your National Security Number, Car Registration Documents, Car, House, Life and Pet Insurance Documentation, Legal Documentation (Marriage certificates, Wills, Parental Rights Documents), Pet Passports, Business Cards (Yours and other peoples) and many more

Your personal biometrics information and the associated data is double encrypted and stored on your device.

The biometrics information can including, the selfie photos you created when setting up the ATAM ID App for your facial Recognition, Voice, Iris, Fingerprint, and Palm recognition, and/or a biometric mathematical template of this data.

Other data encrypted and stored on your includes, your ATAM ID pin number,

ATAM ID also allows you to store your children's data on your device????

ATAM ID Data, Documents, and Biometrics Information stored on ATAM ID Servers

In our ATAM ID database we ONLY store a one-way encrypted Hash of the identification number of Passport/s, Driving Licence/s, Residency ID Cards, Citizenship ID Cards, National ID Cards, Passport Visa's, State ID Cards, Social Security Cards, Tribal ID Cards, Voters Registration Cards, Military ID Cards, School or Work ID Cards, Birth Certificates, Shotgun or Fire Arms licences.

This is stored to ensure that your document is only used once to set up an ATAM ID App, this one-way encryption is impossible for anyone, including ourselves, yourself or any security services to decrypt!

In our ATAM ID database we store a double encrypted copy of the expiry date of your Passport/s, Driving Licence/s, Residency ID Cards, Citizenship ID Cards, National ID Cards, Passport Visa's, State ID Cards, Social Security Cards, Tribal ID Cards, Voters Registration Cards, Military ID Cards, School or Work ID Cards, Birth Certificates, Shotgun or Fire Arms licences.

This information is used to remind you when you need to update the ATAM ID App with your new documentation.

The only biometrics information that is currently stored and double encrypted on the ATAM ID servers is your data used in the voice recognition and verification process.

We would rather store the voice recognition data on the device, and will endeavour to do this in the future, but current technology limitation at present prevent this on some devices.

We store and double encrypted a copy of your email address/s and Mobile telephone number/s (including Country Code).

Other data that may be stored, and/or collected and double encrypted on the ATAM ID servers; including, but is not limited to; your Geo Location, IP address, MAC Address, Device IMEI number, Cookies, Analytics data, Language, Age, Sex, Country of Residence, Nationality, Facebook, Twitter and Google Adwords pixels, AppStore ID, Google Play ID, Device type including manufacturer and model, Device operating system and version, Network Operator and Connection Type, Apps installed on your device, Wi-Fi Networks and some other tracking and analytics statistics, for screen resolution, and tracking how you use the ATAM ID App and Website, including browser type and version, and speed of page loads, and frequency of updating data or adding data, sharing data information with a company or another user, or deleting an account.

This information, is used for the operation of the ATAM ID App and ATAM ID websites and is not sold, or shared with anyone.

Some of this information is also used for diagnostic, analytics, advertising, and performance, reporting and invoicing purposes enabling ATAM ID to undertake its daily business.

Sharing your Data, Documents, and Biometrics Information with ATAM ID to verify your documents and data

When you create an ATAM ID, the App does NOT automatically grant anyone, including ATAM ID access your documents or data.

Please note that you will not be able to share any documents until these have been verified by ATAM ID, and you have successfully been accepted as an ATAM ID user.

To verify, each, or all documents, you will need to make a request to ATAM ID verification team via the ATAM ID App, this is very easy.

The ATAM ID team will verify each document, during this period each new document will be placed in a "pending" status and ATAM ID will be able to access your personal information, the verification process should take minutes, but in some circumstances, it can take up to 5 working days, depending upon the type of document, and place of issue, once your documentation verification is completed, a notification will be sent to your ATAM ID app, stating whether the document has passed or failed verification, if failed, we will endeavour to indicate why it failed verification.

ATAM ID compares your selfie, and against your documentation and the images obtained from the biometric data stored on the RFID chip on your passport or National ID card, and images obtained from official Government Passport and Driving Licence agencies, and/or National ID Databases.

ATAM ID also checks that the documentation you have provided, Passport, Driving Licence or National ID card has not been lost or stolen, or used to set up another ATAM ID

ATAM ID checks your data is genuine, this can included verifying the data with trusted companies, who must adhere to our privacy and data protection policies, one of these checks can leaves a footprint on your credit file, which will reference an identity check by ATAM ID, thankfully this footprint does not affect your credit score.

We may use the services of other businesses to help us in certain areas, for example, for data storage; online payment providers; and certified identity providers who we use to cross-reference our databases.

ATAM ID also checks numerous government lists, including but not limited to: wanted list, watch list, mortality register, US AECA Debarred List, US Denied Persons List, US Unverified List, US Special Designated Nations List, Entry List and many more.

If during the verification period, the ATAM ID team suspect that a registration may involve identity fraud, a national security threat, legal infringement, a criminal offence, or if you provide false or inaccurate, information, or forged documents, ATAM ID reserve the right to share a copy of your information with the appropriate authorities, and agencies to prevent further fraud and money laundering.

If we get a request for ATAM ID user documents or data from a law enforcement or other official authority or if we receive a court or similar legal order, ordering us to disclose your documents and data after your ATAM ID or any documents or data has been verified, will be unable to fulfil this request, as we do NOT have access to the documents or data, only you can give authorisation for any data or documents to be released.

Sharing your Data, Documents, and Biometrics Information with other ATAM ID users and Trusted Third Parties Business

Only you can decide to share your data and documents, swap, send and request data and documents with other ATAM ID users and Trusted Third Party Business

If you decide to share your documents and data with another ATAM ID user or third party, you will both receive a receipt which will contain a copy of what documents and data each party shared or requested, this is stored in your ATAM ID App.

ATAM ID encourages companies to only ask for the documents or data they actually need, for example, confirming you are over 18, rather than a full date of birth. If you choose to share your documents or data with a third party using ATAM ID, those third parties may choose to use that information provided in the documents and data to communicate with you or they may share that information with others. We suggest you read the privacy policies of any organisation you share your information with to understand how they will use your personal information.

ATAM ID App provide you with a feature, that allows you to choose to automatically share your data and Documents when you interact with business, there are 2 options; "Automatic Share QR", and "Automatic Share Business", for each there are separate default settings with the ATAM ID App, which can be changed at any time, having two different options allows you to differentiate what data and document, you wish to share under different circumstances.

Automatic Share QR: This can only be initiated by you, normally by SCANNING or CLICKING on a QR Code through the ATAM ID App or on a website, this feature allows you to automatically transfer; First Name, Surname, email address (default) Mobile Number (default) and address (default), age (Not DOB), Language, and more.

Automatic Share Business: The can be initiated by trusted business, normally the business would make an API (Application Programming Interface) request to the ATAM ID server, asking if we have a user with a specific email address or mobile number, and if ATAM ID does have a user matching this data, then this feature allows you to automatically transfer; First Name, Surname, email address (default) Mobile Number (default) and address (default), age (Not DOB), Language, and more

Backing up the ATAM ID Data, Documents, and Biometrics Information stored on your device to Apple iCloud (iOS) or Google Drive (Android)

We suggest you back up you're ATAM ID account data, this should be automatically done if you use iCloud on Apple devices, but will need to be set up for Android devices.

If you do NOT back up your device data, and your device is lost, stolen or replaced, you will have lost all your data, remember ATAM ID do NOT store copies of your documentation. ????

ATAM ID Access: Location and Vehicle Access and Identification Management system

ATAM ID also provides identity and access management services to other companies so that you can use your ATAM ID to access or purchase products from particular Shops, Offices, Homes, Festivals, Events, Night Clubs, Vehicles, and many more, removing the need for you to carry documents for proof of age and ID.

When you share your data through "ATAM ID Access" with a participating company, we store your details securely in separate databases. Both ATAM ID and the participating company are able to access information about who has used ATAM ID to access the company's premises, and we encourage you to read the privacy notices the company provides about their uses of your personal information. ATAM ID only uses the personal information collected through ATAM ID ACCESS to provide the service to companies. ATAM ID may also de-identify and aggregate the personal information to provide statistics to the participating companies on things like how many users entered in a given period of time, and breakdowns of users by gender, age and so on.

Festivals, Venues, Events, Bars and Night clubs: ATAM ID Access provides our identity and access management service to participating locations and as part of this hosts a national watch list so locations can identify individuals they have banned from their premises for specific periods of time for specific offences. Participating locations should notify you if they want to include you on this watch list.

ATAM ID Website and App Login

ATAM ID provides a plug in for some web browsers and Apps to allow you to log in using your ATAM ID, rather than having to remember your username and password,

The ATAM ID remembers Usernames, passwords, URLs, website names, and any login specific settings you choose to set, and has the ability to auto generate complex Passwords using our password generator.

We store the information so you can use ATAM ID Website and App login to log into websites without having to remember your login details, and so you can automatically fill in your information???????????

Registering your Business or Organisation, and your Employees with ATAM ID

Imagine if you could know your customers without forms, ID photocopies or staff checks - confident that every one of them was who they say they are. Wouldn't it be great if your customers never forgot their passwords because they login with their face?

ATAM ID is a global digital identity platform that can be integrated into your business in less than one day to bring identity verification and secure multi factor authentication in seconds.

We understand the increasing challenges businesses face in accessing, verifying and storing customer data securely. We also help companies comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We're a technology company that's guided by principles to make it safer and easier for people and organisations to share and verify personal documents and data worldwide - providing simple, transparent solutions to everyday identity challenges.

ATAM ID is a global identity solution that brings a secure standard across 140 countries. Consumers can download Yoti from over 100 app stores worldwide and complete their digital identity using both standard and biometric passports.

Passports accepted from over 140 countries, with biometric RFIP reading in over 100 of these, and is available in over 100 App Stores worldwide.

To set up your business with ATAM ID, you'll firstly need to create your own ATAM ID on your phone or device, by downloading and using the free ATAM ID App. Then it's just a matter of following and setting up your checks in the way that's best for your business. You'll find instructions and further information on how to configure your company account once you've logged in ??????????

Key Strengths

  • Turn Key solution, a complete end-to-end partner.
  • Continuous maintenance and support with regional support centres.
  • Proven, Off the shelf systems, continuously developed and enhanced.
  • Tailored solutions, designed and engineered to your requirements.
  • In house software & hardware design and engineering.
  • Approvals : ATAM.COM offer the latest banking and security accreditations to ensure total data protection.
  • Comprehensive monitoring and data analysis tools to ensure highest levels of availability.