Identity Banking Telecom Solutions

Atam is a leader in identity, payments and kiosk solutions, providing products and services for consumers and businesses that require identity verification including highly regulated industries such as finance/banking and telecommunications.

Atam kiosks incorporate advanced technologies including infrared and ultraviolet scanners for verification of passports and national photo IDs (as used in major airports) as well as biometric technologies (fingerprint & facial verification) for unparalleled confidence and accuracy.

Identity Solutions

Atam provides identity verification solutions for all sectors including highly regulated finance industries in multiple jurisdictions.

Atam Kiosks provide advanced technology including infrared, ultraviolet and biometric scanners facilitating accurate and efficient identification of individuals.

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Banking & Fintech

Atam kiosks can be used in the finance industry in a number of scenarios to automate and improve services to customers whilst also reducing costs.

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Instant issuance of sim cards at a kiosk can provide significant benefits. In jurisdictions where legislation requires customer identification (at point of sale or top-up) kiosks can provide an efficient self-service and customer-focused experience, with cash or bank card options for payment.

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Atam kiosks can also be used to instantly issue pre-paid debit cards, issue and/or top up sim cards, or output identity cards. Find out more about our Identity, Banking and Telecommunications solutions.