About Atam

Atam is a market leader in Kiosk based solutions, working in key sectors of Banking, Telecommunications, Identification and Transport.

All our systems are managed and maintained from our regional support centres offering continuous real-time monitoring and technical support. With an established client based across all business sectors, Atam is able to offer ‘’off the shelf’’ solutions in addition to bespoke solutions specifically tailored to your precise requirements.

Atam hardware and software solutions are continuously developed and enhanced by our global team of engineers to ensure all the latest approvals and technologies are adopted.
Atam philosophy is to provide a highly available, tailored kiosk solution that meets the needs for self-service applications across all industry sectors. Atam understands our clients and the importance of their customers, providing an intuitive, interactive and convenient service that enhances your business.

Atam has extensive experience in the development of secure mobile applications, providing your customers with the ability to re-use sensitive identity data verified at a kiosk in other scenarios (for example, secure login to online services using SQRL).